Final Comments

Thank you Mr Hennesey for your comments and moving accounts of the Remembrance walks that you have hosted at Fredericksburg…   The NPS Historians that have dedicated their lives to preserving the memory of times gone by – but not forgotten … ( save the present generations) is HUGE…Frank OReilly’s comments for    the artwork of  50″ x 80″…  3/4 Birds eve view illustrations of both  Battlefields Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville  that will soon grace the visitor centers this coming Spring were instrumental in the many vignettes that were included in the final art  History MUST BE REMEMBERED for better or worse…   So thank you and all others for their dedication and continued effort in 2018!

Your Battlefield walk at Manassas 2 springs ago  was a wonderful and informative experience… I got to meet you!

Brian G Kammerer